What I'm working on

  1. 👨🏻‍💻 I'm currently working as a software engineer at Qured, building a Flutter app for our preventative healthcare platform.
  2. 💈 I have a not-so-secret second life as a singer and choir director. I lead a barbershop choir in York and sing in a quartet. I write about this stuff on my other blog.
  3. ⌨️ On this website, I write about software engineering with a vague focus on mobile development in Flutter.

Other stuff

  1. 🎮 I like playing video games when I get an hour or so to spare. I built my gaming PC and use it to play stuff like Hogwarts Legacy, Cities: Skylines, Starfield, Skyrim and Forza Horizon 5.
  2. 🎹 I'm a bit of a lapsed pianist. I reached ABRSM Grade 7 while I was at school, but I never quite got my Grade 8 as other life things like uni got in the way. One day I'll do it.
  3. ☕ I'm a coffee enthusiast and brew espresso at home.
  4. ⛰️ I love walking in the English countryside, especially the North Yorkshire Moors, the Peak District, and the Lake District.
  5. 🧠 I have ADHD.
  6. 💩 I have Crohn's disease: a form of inflammatory bowel disease which is chronic and life-long.

Get in touch

Threads is a great way to reach me if you have a comment or question!